Keeping It Local

You asked for it and we listened. So tonight we are blogging a bit more on Merewether.

How fitting that today was extraordinarily hot in our little neck of the woods. We managed to get the little Grom out and down to the Merewether ocean baths, which we mentioned in our first blog, before 8am this morning.

There was already a hive of activity there with many locals and tourists. Such a perfect spot for little ones to swim and play on the sand in a safe environment. The smaller bath has a sand bottom which gets deeper the further you walk out. Today our little one swam across to the other side, climbed the ladder and continued to jump into the water off the edge a dozen times.




After we had enough swimming and sand castle building we went for a short stroll and checked out “Merewether Aquarium”. This walkway which provides beach access, has been transformed into a sea life filled aquarium by Newcastle artist Trevor Dickinson. It was officially opened on September 8th 2014. Former Mambo designer Michael Bell also repainted some of his earlier work in the tunnel from 1998. Mambo, such an iconic Aussie surfing brand.





This was such a fun little activity to do with young ones pointing out all the different sea life on the walls and plenty of photo opportunities. Although this little toddler didn’t want to stand still for any today.




We then ventured down to Bluedoor kiosk which is situated outside Merewether surfclub for coffee and another play in the sand searching for sea shells.

Such a great little morning down at our local, Kanoa was well and truly worn out by nap time today. We have such a big year coming up including trips back to Bali, China and a month in Hawaii so stay tuned.


See you soon x Salty Three



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