Merewether Our Home

Its not uncommon for the three of us to venture down to our local, Merewether beach for a Coffee and some R & R most mornings between the hustle and bustle of work and life in general. Its a constant in our busy life that both of us and our son have become acustomed to. You will often find Jacko coming out from a surf, Kanoa running around like a crazy toddler rushing down the ramp and onto the sand and Ashleigh chasing behind him trying not to spill a drop of her bluedoor coffee.


Merewether is a world famous surf break home to Surfest, a surfing contest that attracts some of the best surfers in the world. In 2009 Merewether was inducted as the 7th national surfing reserve. It is also a fantastic spot for non surfers and families. Just a short stroll south from the blue door cafe and a second cafe/ bar and function room called the Merewether surf house lies the recently renovated Merewether ocean baths. Once voted in the top 10 ocean baths to visit in the world these baths also cater to the littlest of groms with a smaller sand bottom wadding pool.

Go for a coffee, a swim in the ocean or the baths or just sit and chill and have a coffee and watch the kids go back and forth between the cafes on there scooters and bikes.
We could write about Merewether all day, but we might save some for later.
See you down at Mbay – SalthyThree



*Merewether, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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